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How do I know I’m a writer? How do you figure out if you’re a writer? What makes a real writer?

I think there are probably a hundred ways to define a writer and people will disagree on how you define it. But there’s one that makes the most sense to me…and that’s a need to write. When I’m in the zone of a book, whether that’s architecting it or editing it or anywhere in between, I have this overwhelming need to get it out there. It’s not that I want to get the story out…it’s that I have to. I feel like I might explode if I don’t get the story out of my own head and heart and into the eyes and ears of others.

That, to me, is being a writer.

One of the side effects of that is that I am constantly coming up with ideas that may be the next zone story for me. Ideas that appear, sometimes bidden through objective reality triggers, but usually, they come from somewhere in my subjective universe and the trigger is unknown. Possibly unknowable.

Do you get these ideas, too? You must write them down! Get them in a TO DO type list on some website?Keep a Word document of all of the ideas and keep it somewhere safe? Wherever and however you keep them, just keep them safe!

One of the interesting things that comes from that for me is that occasionally I’ll post an idea to my list (I use TaDaList.com, but need to find a new one since that one is mostly defunct now) only to realize that I’ve already posted a similar or identical idea in the past. That’s usually a trigger for me to realize that my subconscious, subjective-universe mind really wants me to write that story. That helps move the story idea to the top of the list for me.

So track all of those ideas. Write them down the instant they come to you. If you don’t, they’ll be lost forever. And when you find yourself writing the same idea down repeatedly…make it into a book!


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