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Getting back into Book 3…

I’ve spent most of my writing time over the last two months on Book 1…final edits, preparing a Query letter to agents, finding agents who might be interested. It’s been exhausting and wonderful and terrifying. Intellectually, I know and understand why my book will get rejected 50 times. Even the best book ever written would likely get rejected due to varying interests, competing titles, agents having a bad day, etc. Book 1 is not the best book in the world (Book 2, at least, is better 🙂 )…so I know it will get rejected a bunch. Yet, still, I die inside a little each time.

The key is perseverance. The key is perseverance. The key is perseverance.

So I’d mentally prepared myself for this, but not the psychic pain of having to put down Book 3 for so long. I completed the first draft of 8 1/2 chapters back in November…and haven’t written since. 🙁

I picked it up again this morning and found an old friend. Right where I had left her. Ally is in the middle of playing with her newfound magical ability. And possibly burning the house down. And she’s been standing there in her bedroom for the last two months.

But like any true friend, she has waited patiently for me. And she smiled on my return, ready to pick up right where we left off.

She really is a good friend to me.


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