I’m back!

So life happened and I found I needed to take a little time off of my Jordan books to work on another project. (More on that at davidburgett.com) But, I’ve missed Ally and Lucy and Raymund. They’ve been calling out to me and I just let them all know that I’ve come back to Ouverture and I’m ready to continue the first draft of Book 3.

When I left it off, Ally was starting to have doubts about Lucy as she continues to struggle with having been the only kid in Ouverture for the last nine months and what she learned about her family during that time. Meanwhile, Lucy is jealous of the “normal kid” activities that Ally got to do in New York.

So, dear readers, rest assured that I’m working on The Other Realms series again, which Emerson is greatly overjoyed at! (Although, she’s worried about the turn Book 3 is taking, of which she’s heard bits and pieces, because Lucy is, ironically, her favorite character. (So far!)

More to come from Ally and the gang soon!

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