…and again.

Last time I was able to blog here was over a year ago. (Insert frowny emoji here.)

Worse, the content of that entry was being happy that I was back from a distraction that took me away from The Other Realms for a while and I was ready to focus on it again.

The good news is that I have gotten to focus in the last year and the result is a revamped edition of Book 1 with more words for Lucy (much to Emerson’s delight) and a focus on the duality of the savior that has become both girls.

The Book (in the book) changes when Ally meets Lucy and the “girl of the dark” is promoted (almost) to full savior status like Ally. While this makes it easier for the girls to work together to defeat Mordrew, it does change some important themes in the book.

No longer does Lucy need to feel jealousy of Ally’s status. Well, not as much, anyway. Because while she is also declared the savior by the book, she does not receive magical powers like Ally does. But more interestingly, now Ally has her own feelings of jealousy. She’s from a long line of saviors (oops! you don’t know that yet 😉 )… so why does she have to share it?

That’s the good news. The bad news is that it’s been a year since I blogged here. Life stepped in once more, this time with health issues, but I’m on the mend once more. (And walking on my own which is probably something many of you, like me, have taken for granted…)

So, I will hopefully be able to blog her more frequently with stores of Ally and Lucy and Cody (wait. who’s that?) and progress on the books. Which, thank you for asking, is currently sitting at:
– Book 1: edited and ready for Pitch Madness.
– Book 2: revisions are underway, about to go to editing
– Book 3: first draft about 30% complete
– Book 4-7: outlines are adjusting themselves as I write

Thanks for stopping by and inquiring about Ally and Lucy. They appreciate your visit!

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