Excerpt from Chapter 3

Today’s excerpt is from Chapter 3 of A Sense of Magick where Ally and Raymund are strolling through the town of Ouverture and Ally sees something new. Hope you enjoy!


Ally turned to follow her father, but movement pulled her eyes down the street in the other direction. Scanning the street, she found a small passageway between two of the brick buildings. She had never been in the alley. In fact, she couldn’t remember ever seeing it before.

Must just be a shortcut to the next street over, she thought.

Squinting into the bright sun, she saw the figure of an oversized person standing in the mouth of the alleyway. He peered out around the wall of the building closest to Ally. As she looked, the sun went behind a thick cloud and the entire world around her grew darker. The man left standing in the gloom wore all black, and the darkness of his clothes fit him.

Contrasting the darkness, he held a bunch of flowers in his hand. They weren’t arranged into a bouquet to give to someone. The flowers were all different types, sprouting haphazardly from his massive hand with stems jutting in various directions, broken in several places.

In the dim light of the hidden sun, Ally couldn’t tell if it was a man or just the shadow of a man standing somewhere else.

But the truth revealed itself as the man turned his head and looked directly at Ally. She saw his face and the shadow weight of memory from the train collapsed on her. Her hand moved instinctively to her jean pocket, covering it protectively.

The beast man’s lips moved as he talked to himself. Ally focused on his lips, making out the words: “I can see you.”

It’s the man from the train!

Ally fumbled for the name for a moment before it came to her mind like a wet towel, damping all other thoughts. Mordrew.

She slowly drew her gaze up to the man’s eyes and the yellow light glinted back at her in the noonday darkness.

But that’s impossible, she thought, the sun is behind the clouds… what light did I see glinting back yellow at me?

The man turned away, and the shadow billowed out behind him in the sudden breeze. It wasn’t a shadow at all; it was a long black coat.

Ally blinked and the man from the train was gone.

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