A Sense of Magick

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You, dear reader, have greater strength within you than you can possibly imagine.
Hidden within your doubts and fears are powers far beyond human.
You now hold in your hands the book that will unlock those powers.
Magical powers that you will use to save your loved ones...save yourself...save the world

Those are the only words on the loose page that Ally finds on the nearly empty train. She thinks it's nothing more than an interesting start to a fantasy book, but the old woman sitting next to her insists that it's a real prediction of Ally's future. A future in which she is named savior of the world and given a magickal power to help defeat terrible beasts coming through the portal to The Other Realms. When the old woman touches Ally and sends her into a flying memory of the past, she starts to believe...

The next day, Ally finds the book shoppe tucked away in between buildings in the tiny town of Ouverture near the Atlantic ocean. Inside, she meets Madame Fronia. The shoppe owner is more witch than woman, controlling the very air within the store. Madame Fronia tests Ally and finds her worthy, rewarding her with a section of an ancient book. The page that Ally found on the train magically melds into the book and the blank page start writing a story of an eleven-year-old girl slated to save the world. Ally begins to believe that she is that girl.

Then Ally meeds Lucy, a half-Chinese, half-American orphan and the only other kid in town. She’s outgoing, exuberant, and mostly dark-haired—everything Ally isn’t. When Ally and Lucy hug, the book begins rewriting itself once again, including Lucy in the story, naming both girls "savior of the world." The Book refers to Lucy as “the girl of the dark.” Ally isn’t sure if it is referring to the darkness of Lucy’s hair or something lurking beneath. Lucy’s easygoing personality and constant search for fun are infectious, and they become close friends.

The Book grants Ally the magical power of super senses to help defeat Mordrew, the beast that has already come through the portal between worlds. Lucy is not granted a magickal power, but her intensity and exuberance help push the girls toward a plan to save the world. Along the way, they’ll discover that the people who live in this tiny town already know about the prophecy and some are helping the beast steal life energy to take back to the other side. Ally’s father refuses to help them despite understanding the danger they face, prompting Ally to question even his allegiance.

Now the girl of the light and the girl of the dark have just three days to figure out how to defeat the beast and banish him back to The Other Realm with Ally’s magical senses, courage, the help of a rainbow-feathered owl, and a friendship as deep as sisters.


A Sense of Magick is the first book in The Other Realms series. Book Two, An Element of Creation, is coming soon.

–14 year old girl reading page two.

Ok…I want this book!

…can’t wait to read it!

…can’t wait to read it!

Overall, a good read…I was entertained by the story, and it kept my attention.

…a good read…