A Sense of Magick

A Sense of Magick

A book grants three days of magickal powers...but is that enough time to save the world?

About the Book

A Sense of Magick Synopsis

The page Allyson Drake finds on the train says that she will save the world. At just eleven years old, she has been alone for four years since her mother died and her father moved away to live in the country. Now on her way to spend the summer with him, she can only dream of having that sort of power. And purpose.

The passageway and hidden book shoppe she finds between two stores in the small, country town definitely was not there last summer. Ally finds a book titled The Other Realms. All of the pages are blank. When she inserts the page she found earlier, it melds itself into the front of the book with a purple electricity and the book rewrites itself just for Ally. The pages call her by name and the pictures inside change to become pictures of her.

The book grants her magical powers of super sight, hearing, and smell for just three days. It also leads her to the portal, a floating orb of darkness that connects our world to The Other Realms. Inside the portal, she can see shadows of creatures struggling to get through to consume the light and life of her world.

One of them already has. A beast-man named Mordrew is roaming the streets of the small town stealing plants, animals, and even babies to feed the shadows in The Other Realm. When Ally encounters Mordrew on the street, he touches her and sucks the purple electricity from her hand, draining the very life from her.