Thank you Beta Readers!

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A huge thank you to all of my beta readers in Round 1 for A Sense of Magick! Your feedback is invaluable to me. You’ve pointed out lots of issues that I should have caught and quite a few things that I never would have thought of…all of which is working to make this a much better book. I am immensely grateful for all of your support.

Round 1 of Beta Reading for A Sense of Magick is now closed. That’s the bad news. The good news is that with your help (and the process of writing most of Book 2 already), I’ve identified large chunks of Book 1 that are missing. I guesstimate that I have another 20-30k words to write on this book to “complete” it (again).

That means that once I get it ready again, we’ll have another round of Beta Reading! Yay!


Thanks again for your help, my loyal Beta Readers!



A Sense of Magick

Welcome to the world of Jordan Duff!

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Welcome to the new home for the works of Jordan Duff including The Other Realms series. This site has information on all of the books in The Other Realms series, starting with Book 1 – A Sense of Magick (coming soon!).

The books are centered around two eleven-year-old girls, Ally Drake and Lucy Dubhan, who spend their summers near the small town of Ouverture. The little town has no shopping mall, no movie theaters, and no other kids, forcing the girls to find their own adventure. This summer, however, Ally finds a page to a mysterious book which promises to give her magic powers and help her save the world. Soon after, she meets Mordrew, more beast than man, who has come into our world through a portal and threatens to suck the life out of this world to feed his own.

Will Ally have the strength and courage to fight back against the beast? What role does Lucy have to play in the adventure? Will Ally’s father, who knows much more than he’s telling them, help them survive?

I hope you enjoy A Sense of Magick as much as I’ve enjoyed writing it…and be on the lookout for Book 2 — coming soon!