The Other Realms Series

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The Other Realms Series features Ally and Lucy and their fight against the forces of evil that come through the portal to The Other Realms to consume the life energy of our world.

In Book 1, A Sense of Magick, Ally is initially declared the savior of the world by an ancient, magickal book that stitches itself together and rewrites the story on its own pages. When Ally meets Lucy, the book rewrites itself again to include Lucy in the prophecy, calling her “the girl of the dark” for her nearly black hair. Ally is then known as “the girl of the light” due to her long, blond ponytail.

The girls become fast friends and eventually as close as sisters as they learn more about the prophecy that has named Ally’s mother and grandmothers for hundreds of years as the savior when the portal has opened in each generation. Ally must learn why she is the first to not be the sole savior and why this will be the last time the portal opens, releasing a flood of evil into the world if she and Lucy can’t stop it. Lucy must come to terms with being an afterthought savior and determine what her role in saving the world really is.

Along the way, they’ll discover that everyone in the small town knows about the portal and some are even helping the forces of evil get into our world. Even Ally’s own father is suspect as he refuses to help them, even though he clearly understands the danger they face. Eventually, Ally learns that her father is much more involved in the story than she realizes and may even be the reason the portal is stronger than ever, threatening to destroy our entire world.

As the story progresses through the seven books in the series, the girls find help in the form of a rainbow-feathered owl, a little brother and his practical jokes, and more powerful magickal powers for Ally. But the dangers increase as well as the beasts coming through the portal are stronger with their own powers and armies. In Book 2, An Element of Creation, the snake-woman Lamia brings through the portal an army of children who suck the very life out of trees and plants to take back through the portal. The beast is intent on adding Ally and Lucy to her army and dragging them back into the portal as well.

As the girls grow older with each book and each summer’s opened portal, they face ever greater challenges including the death of loved ones, sexual identities, familial loyalty, and betrayal, eventually taking them into the very depths of The Other Realms itself.

Will the girls be able to save the world? Can they save their friendship along the way? When will Lucy get her own magickal powers. When she does, will she use them for the cause of light or darkness? Will Ally ever learn how her mother died and what it had to do with the portal? Will she learn her father’s secrets and how they are powering the portal?

The answers lie within The Other Realms.